Everything that we are and everything around us is a form of energy. Even our thoughts, our interactions with others, our movements and all things that you cannot see are an exchange of energy.

It was at one of my first low points of doing time when I started considering and becoming aware of my energy.  I really tuned into how I was feeling inside and the effects that it had on my quality of life. To be honest, I hate feeling like shit and so I was looking for a quick fix way to feel better without stimulants or substance abuse.  I couldn’t afford those!!

I’ve always been pretty healthy and I wanted to keep it that way.  I just wanted to run away from the feelings and emotions behind the pain of doing time however when I began to learn more about the benefits of being aware and acceptance, I learned that being in the pain and feeling it is part of this experience we call being human.  

Sure, it’s not a lot of fun, however honoring those emotions and feelings help us to better understand our unique energetic expression and is imperative to our mental health.  Doing Time is a force of energy that causes us to evaluate our present situations and what we are experiencing, and whether or not we want to make changes to shift our energy to a different frequency.  up, up and up!!

This is where things start to get interesting.  How do we make changes and what do we change in order to shift our energy? We may not even know why we are doing time – it may be that we started to feel down and lacking energy for no particular reason (that we are aware of).

The answers to these questions may reveal themselves once you get to really know yourself, your energy and the amazing connections that we have to the universe.  

Let’s start by imagining the threads of subtle energy that are running around you, through you and in your environment.  The energy runs through meridians and is known as Chi or life force.  There is a current of subtle energy that runs from the ground and up through our bodies and another current that runs from the crown of our heads and down.

These currents intertwine where they create vortices of energy and these vortices are known as the 7 main chakras. There are hundreds of energy channels knows as chakras and nadis that are running through us. For now, we are going to focus on the 7 main chakras, their corresponding element and planetary energy.

If you haven’t already started, then I highly recommend that you take some time each day for quiet meditation to foster a stronger connection to and awareness of your own subtle energy fields. The benefits to you are immeasurable and doing so will help to bring a greater understanding to the ideas behind my future posts.

Meditation and being mindful has been proven to alleviate stress, promotes emotional and physical health and is also a wonderful way to show you that you LOVE YOU!! 🙂 

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