Do you know who you are? Do you know what lights your fire? Do you know how to keep the fire burning?

These are questions that may not always have an answer for you, or the answer could be quite different from one period of your life as compared to another. 

I look back on some of the situations of my life, the choices I made and the resulting experiences.  For some reason, the less than grand experiences always come to mind right away, and then I have to dig for recollections of what I perceived at the time to be the “good times”.   But now I see and understand so much more about myself and what motivated my behaviours and choices – and I also see that each crappy experience was a step on my path to understanding. 

Understanding me has become an in-depth study, and that’s what lights my fire. Now that could come across as egotistical, however that is not the place that I am coming from.  Understanding me has brought an awareness to my life that has truly benefitted those that I am close to, as well as myself in many, many ways. 

Why? Because before I connected with this understanding, I lived life rather impulsively and my choices were often selfish, and not very logical. How we approach life does impact those around us in all aspects; home, work, social and love.  To my defense however, the rash and brashness of my life, the disdain of others as well as myself stems from emotional challenges.  All part of the education 🙂

Several periods of Doing Time helped to shed some light on the flames that were not controlled very well and the afterburn that always created much pain.  That’s what I mean about those crappy experiences bringing me closer to the awareness that we are here to live a life of joy – and that joy comes to us through love.  Loving life, loving me, loving you and loving the fire within.

For me, this in-indepth study has helped me to discover a fire that is tamer and resonates with who I am  – and its this fire that motivates me to keep on learning more. 

This element of fire comes to all of us through different vibrations of energy that are familiar to all of us.  Each of us experiences a different level of exposure to the vibrations of the infinite flames and each of us handles the exposure the best way that we know how.  Think back on the energies of Chakra 1 and 2 – how they manifest within you – and you are at the best place to start for a better awareness of what kindles your fire and how to keep a healthy flame burning.

There are also the inspiring vibrations of the Sun and the planets Mars and Jupiter that create the spark, light our fire and create the vitality that is the essence of who we are – and the light that each of us is here to share. 

My in-depth study taught me that 🙂  


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