I am going to jump ahead a bit and share a Chakra 3 story with you.  We’re almost there anyway and this will help to summarize the first 2 Chakras.

I was walking through the city park to run an errand and with the park path being about 4 feet wide at most, there is a need to move over to the other side when passing someone in front of you (due to social distancing protocol). I was approaching a small group from behind who were moving at a leisurely pace and my pace was slightly less leisurely.

I looked to my left to check for cyclists and saw nothing, so proceeded to the other side of the path to make my pass. Of course I no sooner got to the other side and there was a cyclist behind me:  “excuse me    excuse me    excuse me” Clearly she expected me to move.  

I turned around and told her that she would have to slow down and kept up my pace, determined to pass the folks that I had crept up on.  

She did not seem favorable to that response and proceeded to tell me that I did not check to see if anyone was coming before I crossed the path.  I informed her that I did check and saw no one.  I then asked her if she expected me to move over beside the people who I was trying to pass ? I assume she wanted me to do something, because she then informed me that it is a shared path. I, still walking, and trying to determine who is the one that is supposed to yield.  When I learned to drive a car I was taught that the pedestrian always has the right of way.

She did not seem to understand the question and made a suggestion that I was being difficult. At this point she is passing through myself and the group I passed. I explained that I wasn’t being difficult, but that I was just walking.

She, picking up speed, yelled back that I must be retired ?!  What does that mean?

I, not wanting to give up on a good down to earth dialogue yelled up to her “No, I work just like the rest of the world.”

Off she went. What a tragic ending to an interesting connection!

Here is a beautiful example of an exchange of energy – and one that is fueled with a little fire 🙂 

Chakra 3 is all about our personal fire and how we choose to express it.  

With respect to my story, neither she nor I knew any extenuating circumstances about each other. I am not aware if she was late for an appointment or had an emergency that required her to get somewhere quickly.  She did not share any reason for her haste and I will not make assumptions.

She decided to make some assumptions about me that I attempted to negate. I do not know her, so I do not know if her behavior was just her normal every day way of communicating.  

She does not know me and so does not know that my approach to that type of situation is to be mindful of others (thus looking first before I passed – and attempting to not break the rule with respect to those peeps walking ahead of me, and keeping my distance).  She perceived me as being difficult and being retired.

This is life and this is Chakra 3 in a nutshell.  Every day, hundreds of times a day, we interact with others and never know the whole story.  You may think that you know the deal with those you are close to, however rest assured that there is a lot for all of us to learn.  

With all due respect, the majority of us do not read minds and we do not know what each person has endured in the past minute, hour, day, week, month or years.

Chakra 3 is the expression of the physical Chakra 1 (body) reacting to the energy in motion of Chakra 2. Chakra 3 is the element of fire and it is where life gets interesting!

Stay tuned!

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