A year ago when I started this blog, I needed to express myself – to myself.  This blog is not just about me sharing my story with you.  This blog is in many ways the key that is unlocking the door to stuff that I know I am here to learn – and I am realizing that this is my classroom.  Life is the college – and this is the room where figuring it out is happening!

and most of all, learning to love myself is what has provided the inspiration!

Every time I have sat down to write a new post, something inside of me takes over and the end result has never really been the intended outcome.  That’s a life lesson in itself.  How often is anything the intended outcome?  lol

I have wrote from my heart and it has been good soul therapy.  

In that same time period I have been teaching myself how to work with a valuable tool to understand my own personal energy as well as an understanding of my place in this world.  Cause somedays I’m just not sure what the hell that is!!  That valuable tool is my birth-chart. 

To make things exceptionally interesting I am immersing myself in the process of bringing the fundamentals of the perceived energies of the planets together with the influence of our chakras.  It’s becoming an ongoing fascination for me.

Many weeks and posts ago I shared my perceptions on the principles of the first and second chakras.  The third chakra is all about self awareness, confidence, esteem and the expression of  your chakras 1 and 2.  It is with the third chakra that I began to touch – oh so very lightly – on the dynamics of planetary energy.  I get excited just pondering all of it as I write this! 😀    (and all of this without so much as a sip of wine or a crumb of an edible.)

And just in case you forgot, all of this musing goes back to my theories and perspectives on Doing Time. 

So here’s the thing.  To bring clarity to these amazing concepts, and to avoid overworking my brain cells I am now going to approach all of this in a slightly more orderly manner.  It will also give you the option of reading less and / or reading what interest you more. 

If you have enjoyed reading my ponderings on the relation of Doing Time to my psyche – as well as the most important aspect of learning to love yourself – and if you found any of my posts helpful, then please consider sticking with me here as I delve deeper into the blessings of Doing Time and you loving you.

If you have enjoyed my most basic musings on the planets, which have been more recent as I ventured into the third chakra, and you wish to learn more about what effect they have on your energy and your persona, then you may wish to follow my future posts in the Facebook group Elements (which I established a few years ago after one of my retreats). Let me know if you want to find the group Elements on Facebook and your aren’t able to locate it. 

If you haven’t really enjoyed any of this but you are still reading these posts, then please do share your thoughts 🙂

Most of all, whether you enjoyed all of it, most of it or a little of it so far,  I hope you continue to be entertained or inspired – whichever of the two suits you best!  and thank-you for taking the time to follow xo

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