Having gone through different stages of acceptance and non-acceptance at different stages of life, I can say that external influences can persuade us into having various mindsets and living with the light and shadow energy behind them.

I am not professing to say that these thoughts of mine that I am sharing here are going to be beneficial for everyone.  We all are unique and we all resonate with different energetic vibrations.  I am merely sharing what I have experienced with the hope that it may be of benefit sometime and somewhere.

If you have been following along so far,  and seriously considering some of the ideas I have shared, then you may be feeling or experiencing a subtle shift in your energy.  That is key to connecting with your own inner truth.

Acceptance is personal and your view of it will be personal.  Influences from the outside (external) will come and go in your life and may help you to connect and accept, or may do the opposite by persuading you to follow their train of thoughts and deny your original ideas .  Persuasion can come into your life as a prompt to consider something that you may not have already – and could be a life changing prompt.  

How do we know if these “powers of persuasion” are for our benefit? There lies the  challenge in listening to those powers and their own unique ideals. That is where knowing ourselves, being comfortable with ourselves (and our own ideas) and above all loving ourselves will be so valuable. 

True love for ourselves fosters a high level of self-esteem and with that, the confidence to create our own approach to living. The powers of persuasion will always show up in your life,  however the strength that you hold in that loving of yourself will gift you with the freedom to know intuitively what is best for you. It comes as a true feeling of knowing and holds a vibration that resonates with your own.

This brings us back to you LOVING you! The amazing and awesome energetic vibrations of you loving you will guide you toward many gifts. Above all is the gift of the ability to honor your “inner” influences along with, or over the “external” influences when they arise. Doing what you know and feel in your heart is best for you.

This not to say that external influences are not important.  They are.  They could be showing up to provide an idea or opportunity that you do need to consider.  A famous quote from The Buddha goes “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  That teacher could be anyone in your life.  It could be a situation, an experience or a feeling.

The current predominate paradigm of our global village is to follow the path of least resistance and to follow the tribe. It is viewed as the easiest way to live – let’s do what others do.  Marching to the beat of your own drum may create a wave. That wave is energized by fear – the fear of the crowd who do not want things to be different.  Change is most often synonymous with discomfort because of the fear of the unknown.  That fear creates a wave of backlash that will be communicated to you as resistance to your ideas as well as unsolicited feedback with the intent of persuading you to follow the crowd.  The intent to deter you from your own unique and original way of thinking and to sabotage your attempts to live from your heart.

The strength of living from your heart and following your own path is the backbone of evolution.  It is how we evolve to become happier and to acquire a more peaceful and inspired existence.  Living from your heart connection is what life is  – LIVING.  

Do not go where the path may lead, Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

At the risk of repeating myself, I reiterate that loving yourself is the source of the strength to create the life that feeds your spirit and your soul. Do FOR YOU what you love every day and feel the rewards of living in resonance. The energy of resonance is the beautiful circle of life that creates a connection to the natural rhythms of all that is. To the natural rhythms of Love.

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