Cleaning house might be a way for you to become grounded in the sense that it is not just a physical exercise of vacuuming, scouring and dusting – but it can also be experienced as clearing the cobwebs and the obstructive fog of our mind.  Yes, physical cleaning of houses turned out to work in my favour in both respects.

Why? Because one of the conditions that I was working hard to master at that time – and continue to do so every day of my life is being fully present to what I am doing, where and how.  Things were no different when it came to cleaning homes and because it is a physical activity it allowed me to be present in my body.  That is what grounding is all about.  The presence of who we are as individuals and what that presence, as an energetic force, will attract into our lives.

This sounds over simplistic in a way, however once you are present to your feelings, your situation and your experience then it becomes something more tangible and it becomes the force that attracts and builds the blocks of your foundation as an individual.


The ability to do this is often hampered by challenges that many of us have experienced or do experience on a daily basis.  In order for us to be present in the moment, we pretty much have to also be feeling stable in the moment.  If we are feeling scattered, anxious or worried about our life situation, that is energy that invokes instability. Fear is energy that can drive us to do irrational things and make poor choices if we allow it to dominate our mind.  It is energy that needs to be controlled and running away from things to avoid it is not the best way to deal with it.  Fear can be destructive energy, unless we know how to be present to it and through the experience of it, we get to know ourselves better.  Asking ourselves what we are afraid of and why?

The fear we are feeling may be related to situations of the past that have remained unresolved in our sub-conscious and that is energy that some people live with all of their lives.  The fear we are feeling may be due to the unknown and concern over what the future holds for us.  There are many people in the world that are currently living with this particular sense of fear and the underlying unsettled energy that it evokes.

While it is difficult to be present in our lives when we are overwhelmed with the energy of uncertainty, doubt and fear, to name a few – it is being present that helps us to bring some sensibility and stability into our daily existence.  We want to, and are here to live – not exist.

Living is the energy of connection. Living is the energy of being in tune. Living is understanding and honoring you and what is important to you.  Can you see how loving you is Living?

Living in the present means we are only concerned with what is happening in the now.  This does not mean that we don’t make plans for the future.  We have to do that or everything would fall apart, however that is another present mind exercise.  Here’s a plan:

  • take some time every day to just sit in the moment and experience what is going on around you
  • become conscious of you in the moment, your breathing and your “energetic” experience
  • become aware of how you react to all situations – what feelings arise
  • become aware of how you deal with those feelings
  • learn from how you dealt with your feelings – was it a good experience or did it lead to regret?
  • consider the energy that you are most familiar with and what the vibrations of that energy create
  • do those vibrations create comfort, feelings of well-being, enthusiasm and love?
  • OR do those vibrations create discomfort, anxiety, fear and detachment (a form of ignoring what is going on)?
  • feel all of this within the realms of your physical (body), emotional (feelings) and mental (mind)

In being present to all of this, then begin to connect this with how it impacts your life.  Are you existing or are you living?  The present is the only time to understand your right to be here and your right to have.  The present is what is happening now and when you are grounded in the moment then you are centered.  Being centered is how you develop the cornerstone of your foundation and a strong and healthy first Chakra.

You’ll know it and understand it when your energy aligns with the experience of feeling steady, walking the path and the subtle energy of feeling a-live.  Every moment becomes an experience worthy of you being present to it.

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