As we make our way down this path it is important to consider that even these words are energy. These words hold a vibration that may or may not resonate with your own energy.  We are all one – as you will see – however each of us is a unique current. An individual wave in an ocean of love.  It is my hope that one idea may resonate with you and enhance your experience of your life and your love – and allow you to be your own kind of beautiful.

We are going to start this journey by focusing on the Earth Element.


The first vortex, where the ascending and descending currents of energy running through us intersect, is the first chakra.  The densest in vibration and the lowest in frequency, this energy takes form and it is our bodies, the earth and everything that is in form – everything that is physical.

Okay, that sounded technical, a little scientific and maybe even boring! I can assure you that it does get better – and my hope is that as we move along you begin to find this as interesting as I do 🙂

So, back to the first chakra and the physical.  Our bodies are the physical expression and it’s how we  interact with the world.  How would we see, hear, smell, touch and taste without a body?  Our body is home to our soul and it is also the instrument through which we speak to others, listen to others, look at everyone and everything, smell the environment and taste the energy that sustains it. Our bodies move us around to different locations. Our bodies are earth energy and our relationship with our body influences our relationship with Earth Mother.

The first chakra is our foundation and when we are grounded in it and attentive to it, it provides for us. This is large!  The dynamics of the energies of the first chakra entails:

  • physical body
  • family and community we are born into (our roots)
  • sustenance and nurturing
  • being grounded in the present
  • responsibility – fiscal and personal
  • reliability
  • service
  • structure – home and routine
  • leadership – authority
  • materialism – attraction and accumulation
  • triumph and master
  • healing
  • our right to be here
  • our right to have

WOW!!  no wonder there are so many of us that struggle with keeping life on track!  there’s a lot to think about – and I would like to share thoughts around each of them – in the next few posts.

Each of the 7 main chakras that we are going to play with on this adventure holds it’s own energy frequency and vibration. However the vibration depends on how “open” or “closed” our chakras are.  If we have been exposed to toxic energy and have been sensitive to it, it may have caused a chakra to close.  An example of this in the first chakra would be an avoidance of connecting with our bodies. This is actually a very common one for a large percentage of the population. We have been led to believe that a body is supposed to look a certain way in order for us to be accepted – in order for us to live up to the societal directive of acceptable appearance. Thanks to the media, this has been going on for decades so most of us have been raised to see our bodies as a problem because most of us do not match the body that has been advertised as “acceptable”.  If we were to actually accept our beautiful selves then what are they ever going to sell to us?

From the perspective of some of my childhood classmates, I was thought to be a pudgy kid and I was reminded of my chubby physique when being ridiculed by them.  Yes! I bought into that idea and I was sensitive to that (still remember some of it clearly today) so BANG!! chakra 1 closed!  and not re-opening anytime soon. No child should have to be exposed to appearance expectations, with the exception of maintaining good hygiene.

If your experience was or is similar, then a new understanding of your energy and the vibrations of your first chakra may help you to move past the hurt and any uncertainty that your inner child is holding. This is our mission to Become Your own Kind of Beautiful!!  I have been chanting this as well as the acronym BYOKOB – as a word 🙂  It’s important!

For now, let’s consider the source and the generation of the energies required for all of the life that is transformed through the first chakra. Each of the items above holds a different energetic vibration and how we handle and react to these energies depends on our own correlating vibrations.

The first chakra is the element earth and it’s unique energy holds a dense vibration – the gravity of the earth attracts us to it and when we connect with it, we become grounded.  We can stand on our own 2 feet and we appreciate each of the facets of life that are chakra 1 energies.

So are you ready to turn over the first stone on this path?

(If you are following this blog and find meaning in these words, please share with anyone else who you feel may benefit) and Thank-you! xo


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