Upon considering the first step, we often wonder what that should be.  No one can tell you that.  It will come from your heart.

If you are still with me and haven’t started looking for inspiration elsewhere, then here are some things to consider:

  • sometimes when we feel like we are doing time it’s actually cosmic push and pull; Friday’s full moon was stunning and I could have looked at it all night but along comes Monday and all day I experienced frustration, annoyance and a “woe is me.” Doing Time again I thought, but in actuality it’s the reality of the stars. The more we connect with this energy the more we learn about how it impacts our feelings and experiences.  The deal here is to understand that all energy is continually evolving so allow it to flow (get out walking or biking or dancing) and breathe deeply. Breathing shifts your energy. 
  • an open mind is mandatory; be accepting of all things (that are not harmful.) This includes ideas, people, experiences, people’s ideas and most of all, be completely accepting of yourself.  no judgement.
  • our subconscious overrides our conscious mind, so even though we may hold intentions to be-create-live- love- understand and accept, your subconscious may have a different plan for you, based on past experience, habit, memory and other lives (yes I am talking about your other lives.) your subconscious is the power that holds you back from everything with a multitude of excuses and reasons. This is your biggest challenge, but you are stronger than your subconscious mind – when you allow yourself to be.  Your power is key to every other step you take.
  • Approach every day of your life with an open heart and loving kindness because it will jet propel you to the higher vibrations you want to be; doing time is low vibration and not where you want to be.
  • be present always – be present to your feelings – be present to your thoughts – be present to tension you may be holding – be present to resistance – be in the present and release and let go. “be here now”  ram dass
  • Be and Feel grateful for EVERYTHING!!  even when life becomes a shit show, be happy to know that you are going to survive the drama and perhaps win an Oscar for your new found strength and fortitude – not to mention knowledge and wisdom from a hard but worthwhile lesson that you weren’t aware that you needed – until now.
  • your thoughts and beliefs are your life – they create your perceptions and influence your choices – enhancing your  biology and triggering your feelings and your actions – sparking every cell of energy that you are and that you exchange – your thoughts and beliefs are your destiny so think amazing things and believe you are your every dream
  • we are all ONE – energy connecting with energy and to understand that and live life from that perspective liberates your mind from negativity and useless thoughts that lead to nowhere.  “Smile on your brother (sister), Everybody Get Together, try to love one another right now”  The Youngbloods

  • be the change you want to see in YOU and “be the change that you want to see  in the world” (Ghandi)
  • Above all else, LOVE you!  Love yourself and your soul; the physical you, the emotional you, the mindful you and the loving you. If you can’t right away, then love a little bit each day and see how it changes your life.  Follow me here.

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