Connecting with subtle energy is something that does not happen automatically for us, and yet we are all a manifestation of hundreds of subtle energy fields.  It’s all around us and within.  This energy is not obvious to your eye, cannot be heard and yet it can be experienced if you are aware of what is going on around you.

Your immediate environment is a culmination of various energy fields,  as are your experiences.  I believe that the most obvious form and occurrence of this energy happens in the evolution of the sun, the moon and the earth.  There are cycles that occur with the orbits of the sun, moon and earth and the most apparent of them to us is the turning of the seasons.  Just consider the different energetic aspects of each season and you can start to get an idea of what I am talking about.

We are now three weeks into Spring and one week past the first new moon of spring.  There are dynamic patterns of energy vibrating all around us as the rhythms of this season bring nature back to life.  This energy can be felt and experienced if you are open to it.

I myself have been experiencing physical change within my environment,  an increase, as well as a change in my personal energy levels and what motivates me to co-create my day to day – and my mental energies are engaging with new ideas and concepts at a different pace than what I experienced in the past months of seasonal  transitions.

There is a definite shift in energy that we experience at the winter solstice and the new year, with the return to light and committing ourselves to personal change as we open a new calendar for the year.   We are now experiencing another very definitive shift in energy that resonates with creating.  I have personally been aware of changes within myself around my pursuits in the field of health, wellness and the aspirations that I have to share the things I have learned. 

If you find that you are not resonating with any of what I am saying here, that is just another way of experiencing.  We are all different and have our own unique ways of tuning into the rhythms of energy around us.  You may be riding a wave of energy that is serving you very well in the place that you are at in your life at this time.  Enjoy!

However if you are experiencing the underlying currents of the shifting of energy around you, then consider what this could mean for you – and if there are signs or messages inviting you to change things up in your life with the upcoming planting and growing season.  The spring and summer months are not just a planting and growth season in our fields and gardens.  These months also inspire and create the subtle energies that nature, including us, respond to in such a way that we are drawn to conceive of change; to co-create and re-create our lives.  That is the energy of Aries.

Change is not always a welcome thing, however sometimes it can make the difference in living life to our full potential instead of accepting the status quo.  Learning to love ourselves often inspires change.  When we understand how amazing life can be when we are tuned into our personal energy and our unique and amazing self, then finding the courage to make the appropriate changes is a gift you can give to yourself.

If nothing else, take some time to experience the energy of spring, out in the natural world.  Go for a walk – preferably out on a trail if you can – and tune into everything that nature is doing around you.  The fire element of Aries is yours to discover!!

With Spring upon us, we can now embrace the spark of life and the gifts of the element of fire.

Since the winter solstice we have been cycling through the cold and harsh (earth) weeks of winter,  the increase of light and expansion (air) after Imbolc and the letting go of everything that no longer serves us to allow movement (water)  – so that the spring spark of fire connects with that place of potential. 

The earth element resting in the dark of winter provides the core or the center of intention, creating resonance between the nature of the winter solstice and the nature of the new moon phase.  It is the perfect opportunity to embrace something new and for ideas to permeate our consciousness.  At this time consciousness is deep and nestled in the darkness.  Possibilities are endless.

The air element harmonizes with the return of the light. Personally we take stock of our thoughts – which create our beliefs – and shed light on how they influence our ability to bring light and life to our intentions.  Our ideas begin to take root and the stronger we believe the stronger and further those roots will grow.

The water element creates flow and brings feeling to the intentions and ideas.   Positive encouragement or adverse discouragement will determine what energy we invest in our desires and in ourselves.  This is the opportunity to grasp an awareness of our ability to create or our tendency to sabotage the realization of our dreams.  It is the time to step up and affirm to ourselves that the door is opening and we are capable. It is time to let go of anything that does not serve the fulfillment of ourselves.  True self-love will guide us now and reward us with the spark.

With Spring, we are also experiencing the light and energy of the first quarter moon phase.  We have a chance now to use the light and heat of the fire element to bring form to that infinite field of potential and creation.  If our heart is open and our mind is clear, the spark will ignite the inner realm.  New life will begin again!

Are you ready for the great reveal?  The new beginnings!  I have put a lot of time into my own ambitions over the past few months and I am feeling excitement about the plans I am working on now and over the spring and summer months.  I have established the roots and a solid foundation of the program that I am working on, and with each new moon phase, I become even more engaged with the dream I have and the goals that I am focused on. With each hour I commit to this I have the opportunity to learn more and that contributes to the energy that I am building – for myself and others – on this mission.

As we move toward the next new moon phase, which is on Friday, I encourage you to be mindful of your own experiences and how they are inspiring and motivating you to bring your own dreams to life.  Are you getting what you want? or what you want to be?  It’s a good time to take stock of what you have accomplished and celebrate that – we all need to acknowledge our success stories, our own and those of others.  It creates feel good energy which in turn raises our individual vibrations – and that of the collective.

Be still, clear your heart and your mind.  Sit with the amazing gift of your breath – the breath of life – and be grateful for everything that is.  Be ready for the possibilities of the fresh new breath of Spring!  

Maple Syrup is one of nature’s most amazing spring treats!   For an abundance of this delicious treat, there are certain conditions that have to exist.    It begins in late winter when we are blessed with some day time temperatures that rise above zero by a few degrees.  The  thermometer  then needs to drop well below zero (- 8  to -10 ) overnight.  These temperature changes cause pressure within the tree which causes the sap to flow out.  The process of alternate freezing – thawing creates contraction and expansion of the inner cells which allows the sap to be drawn up from the roots with the freezing, and dripping down and out with the thaw.

It’s one of the amazing marvels of nature that mark the end of winter and beginning of Spring! How do you feel at this time of year?  So many of us are ready to get out and be active, and if you are not a fan of the cold, then you are likely even more restless – and eager to do so.

The spring thaw and melt is in a sense how the earth re-hydrates and can be thought of as a cleansing period as the sands and salts that have settled are washed away.  We can imagine this as a cleansing period for ourselves as well – physically, mentally and emotionally. A large percentage of who we are is water.  Our bodies are 60 – 70% of water and it needs to be replenished.  Temporary evaporation and drought are harmful to the earth, but are lethal to our bodies.  We need to continually re-hydrate.

With the official start of the season of Spring just days away, we are transitioning from that quiet winter period of inner reflection to a time of new growth.  It is time for us to clean out all of the cobwebs,  outside in our environment as well as within ourselves too.   It is time to re-consider the patterns that we settled into since the Winter Solstice, that allowed us to reflect, grow and develop our potential for new growth – to ‘re-hydrate” our senses.

Like the maple tree, you may have experienced your own periods of contraction and expansion over the winter months, often brought about with temperature changes (just like the maple).  Through the times of darkness we may find ourselves contracting and dropping to a “vibrational low point”, sometimes referred to as SAD among those who experience it.  Sometimes we get a few days of mild weather when the sun shines out brightly and we can feel a lift, that “vibrational expansion” that draws us out of our self-made winter cocoons.

I have been feeling that lift more and more lately and for me it is so inspiring. The past few weeks the light of the sun has been changing and increasing, reassuring us of the wonder that comes with the onset of Spring. Fire is the element of Spring – Aries and it is a symbol of creation and re-creation. It’s the sign of new potential.  The symbol of the Easter egg with it’s vibrant colours and promise of new life is something that we can all relate to.  I have been hearing the songs of the robin and red-winged blackbird – always an amazing “first” for me, every year.

We have moved through the past two weeks, since the new moon in Pisces, with a focus on our feelings. To name them, explore and understand them – to learn more about our own personal contractions and expansions and what causes them. Most of all to let go of feelings that no longer serve us.  Pisces is a water sign and invites us to “swim” deeply within – to seek that inner pool of consciousness and reflect on whatever you find there.  This transitioning point of the seasons is a prime time to do this, allowing ourselves to clear away any inner confusion, angst or turmoil so we can create space within for the new growth and the new reality that happens with Spring.  You may not always realize it, just as the natural world is coming back to life, so are we!  Allow yourself to consciously be with that transition and allow yourself to open to the energy that is developing around us as renewal happens, outside and in.

As we move toward the season change this week, the light of the moon is also increasing, with the full moon happening in the very early hours of tomorrow – Friday! The temperatures have been amazing the past few days and I stepped out last night to see that amazing light of the moon.  Shining down on us, it is so full of inspiration and promise of bringing our new moon intentions to light and to life. 

Energy is shifting, out in the world and within.  Allow yourself to enjoy the high vibration expansion of the Pisces transcendence. Like the beautiful maple tree, share your sweet self with creation and let new beginnings renew your Love for YOU!

I was at the dentist yesterday and we were talking about why we experience a craze or cracks and crevices in our teeth.  She said that most of the time these issues are a result of clenching and grinding which is becoming the norm due to the feelings of anxiety and stress that are so prevalent in our world today.  It’s no wonder, of course, with the ongoing troublesome world events.  However we have to learn to manage our internal experience of feelings AND that is what the new moon in Pisces is all about!

New Moon in Pisces is here, so once again it is time to set our intentions for the following moon cycle.  It’s time to once again consider what you want to be, have, experience and along with setting the intention, begin to consider and create the energy that resonates with your ideals.

Pisces is the sign in the zodiac that symbolizes the energy of our deep inner self, our awareness and the deep ocean of consciousness. With every new depth we reach in that consciousness, we increasingly draw more and more energy to us. We begin to understand more about our personal light (that light I keep asking you to shine as the light of the moon increases with the moon phases).  We begin to understand how important it is to love ourself because Pisces invites us to tune into our emotional and psychic sensitivities (feelings), our imagination and vision, our compassion for ourselves and everyone. This all leads us to understanding energetic resonance on a deeper level, which is important for creating, setting and realizing your intentions.  These are also sensitive areas that can lead to escapism – so we will look at that as well. 

It’s going to be an intense and perhaps overwhelming quest for some, however the rewards of knowing yourself at this depth and perspective will be so worth the dis-comfort that you may experience through this in the next few weeks.

Let’s begin this quest by bringing awareness to the fact that feelings are shifts of energy that we experience internally. Energy that continually changes.  With this in mind we can consider the impact of uncomfortable feelings and how impermanent they are.  With any type of dis-comfort that you experience, allow yourself to feel it completely and follow the path it takes through you. This can be a little easier to do when you are aware of the short duration of that pulse of energy and that you do have the ability to alter it.  Feel it wherever it shows up physically (your body) and start experimenting with simple practices to move and release that energy.  For myself, I have found that deep breathing and release works very well.  Deep inhale and release of body tensions with the exhale.  Taking a walk or runnning works well.  Any type of body movement, so tie on your dancing shoes if you like!

This will be an interesting month of getting to know yourself as well as learning more ways to love yourself as the light once again increases with the love of the beautiful moon! 



Here we are,  past the waning last quarter moon phase as darkness imposes upon the light and the crescent becomes a sliver of silver once more.   New moon in Aquarius seems so long ago!  What, if anything, were you able to make of it?

I was reminded once again through these few weeks of how the winter days in February can hold us captive and play upon our thoughts. It is in the short days of winter where we can catch a glimpse of the limitations of Saturn,  as thoughts become wishes for warmer days ahead.  Have you ever noticed how a 10 degree, sunny day in February can create a completely different outlook than a 10 degree, sunny day in October?   10 degrees in February seems to create a lot more joy, and yet it is the same day as it was in October 🙂

That is how our thoughts work to create our own personal attitudes and beliefs.  Each of us has a different appreciation for fall days and winter days and each of us enjoys the freedom to discover what any one of those days might hold in store for us.  This can hold true for every day if we are able to be present and aware of the subtle energy and rhythm of life. 

The planet Uranus resonates with our experience of individuality, identity, independence and taking a stand to be our true authentic energy.  There was no shortage of that this February with a trucker’s convoy, protesting and what turned out to be named the occupation!  Definitely a Uranus energy shift – and Uranus rules Aquarius.   Each of us will have our own ideas of the events that played out this month and what effect it may have on us, as well as our own communities.  

As with any month, we follow the moon phases and watch the changing shape and light of the moon, while our lives continue to play out, moment by moment.  The Aquarian lunarhythms invite us to consider our own place in the cosmos and to share our unique self.  Are you comfortable with your own amazing truth and do you live from your lunar (heart) centre, or are you hesitant to show up just the way you are?

I can recall many times when I found it easier to follow the lead of someone else because I really wasn’t sure what I believed or how to take a stand for my ideals.  I went along with whatever strong external emotional pull was happening at work and at home.  I felt intimidated to say what I was thinking and to share my ideas.  Why? Because I lacked the confidence to do so.  Until I realized that I have the same rights and freedoms as everyone else to be what I believe and enjoy what and who I am.  I feel like I may have missed out on some opportunities however the experience of learning how to value myself and to discover the unique and wonderful  me has been worth the discomfort that I struggled through to get to here.

That is the call of Aquarius in a nutshell.  Finding your path to the freedom that allows you to be you and recognizing that each of us has the right to discover our own truth, is the heart of the new moon in Aquarius.  It’s another step on this trek to loving yourself! 



 “When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ”  Dane Rudhyar

In my last post I invited you to reflect on who you really are.  Do you know the answer to that question?  It has taken most of my life for me to realize who I am and why I am here, and I am not a spring chicken.  So, it has taken many moons 🙂  

Being comfortable with who we are is an attunement to Aquarian energy.  Some of us will have reached that comfort zone and some of us will still be taking the steps to get there.  It is important to remember that we are dynamic and fluid beings, ever-changing.  I know that I am feeling very comfortable in my own skin now, but life may throw a curve ball at me and challenge those feelings at anytime.

So you may be wondering “why even bother, if that is the case?”   The answer lies in the ability to adapt to the changes and to always know that no matter what you are struggling with OR no matter what you are celebrating, that you can handle it all.   To know that it is within that comfort zone of your skin that you are real enough,  strong enough, capable enough, perceptive enough and tolerant enough.  That you are ENOUGH!!

The full moon in Leo is upon us tomorrow at mid-day.  The full-moon calls us to release what no longer serves us and to give gratitude for everything that contributes to our life.   We did this a month ago within the realm of Capricorn and Cancer. 

It is within the realm of Aquarius and Leo that we now find ourselves, and we want to connect with those energies.  I hope that you were able to follow along with some of my videos where I shared some thoughts on our mind-body connection and how our thoughts influence that connection.  Aquarius is an air sign, which pertains to ideas and ideals.  Since the new moon two weeks ago we have been pursuing thoughts and ideas that pertain to knowing what you care about and what you stand for and how that shapes you as an individual.  I’ve also touched on the concept of healthy body = healthy mind and healthy mind =  healthy body.  When we feel great then we project great energy which contributes to great feelings!  for you and everyone around you.

So with this full moon, let us now give thought to everything that we need to release in order for us to develop the healthy mind – healthy body connection.  I invite you to release anything that initiates thoughts and ideas that create blocks and that rob you of your intention to connect with your truth. 

When the Sun is in Leo, we know that it is very warm and it shines brightly.  It gets noticed!!  Let’s consider those attributes as the moon becomes bright with light in Leo.  For the next week, allow yourself to be mindful of those things throughout your day that provide the opportunities for you to shine your bright light.   Write them down so you don’t forget 🙂    Do the same for anything that steals your light and casts a shadow, either internally/within or externally/with others.   Write them down too!  Study your reactions to everything as well as the feelings they invoke.  Set a timer to remind yourself to do this, throughout the day 🙂

Observing and exploring the roots, the trunk and the branches of our mental and emotional self is imperative to understanding ourselves.  So for the next week, step into your observatory and start (or continue to) being mindful of you.  

Let’s get to know and to notice that beautiful light and energy that is you!


With the moon waxing and moving from half moon phase to full moon phase, the light increases with each passing hour.  With the Canadian winter weather we’ve had this week, we really have no  idea what the moon is doing, however you can rest assured that is what is happening up in the sky.

We are well past the new moon in Aquarius, however the past two weeks have been an ongoing feature of an Aquarian drama.  Protests that have led to Occupation are the story of every hour on the news, and continues on.  I find it interesting that this situation has coincided with progression through the sign of Aquarius AND that Mars is currently hanging out in Aquarius as well!!

Mars the warrior and Uranus the rebel (ruler of Aquarius) are surely serving up a shit show like no other, these days! These are interesting times to say the least.

While I am not here to take a side, or to cast any type of judgement, I do feel sympathetic toward all of those who are experiencing loss of any kind as this drama unfolds.  One of the difficulties of being human is that there is so much in life that we are not able to control. I do believe that we are all here to find our passion and to live it. I also believe that when we take that on that we should be mindful of who, what and how we are impacting everyone connected to us.  AND we are all connected.  I think that might be evident in the current events.

Helping you to create a new you is what my passion is, through sharing ideas of how loving yourself is the best way to start that endeavor and the best way to pursue it, as well as the best way to achieve success. Loving you should always be a part of your agenda.  So you might say that my passion is fairly passive.  Then again, anyone of you who have taken an interest and are making changes in your life that are aligned with self-respect and honoring YOU, may find that you are now facing your own kind of drama.

Often when we set about to change something or ourselves, we find that this involves a different perspective, a change in routine and creating new and healthier habits. These changes may be disruptive to those who you share life with, and they may not be as supportive as you wish them to be. But does that mean that you should refrain from being your authentic self and living your life that aligns with your truth?  Does that mean that you should NOT express your feelings about what you are passionate about?

Since I have embarked on my mission to create and share my Lunarhythms program, I would bet without any hesitation that there are peeps out there who might claim that I might be a bit out there, that I need to get real or perhaps there are some who think that I am wacked, all because I believe that learning about the phases of the moon as it moves through the zodiac is an exceptional and interesting way to learn more about self-care and truly loving yourself.  So be it!!  Once I discovered how amazing my life can be just by honoring my truth and who I am, my life has been pretty awesome! So why wouldn’t I want to share those ideas with all of you?  The things I have learned about myself, as well as others, through this program has shifted my energy to a place of balance and harmony.  I feel pretty awesome every day!  I am sharing this with you because I want you to feel pretty awesome every day too.

What I am getting at here – yes, I am finally getting to my point   – is that as we move through the sign of Aquarius, and with only one week and one day before we journey past it, I invite you to consider what your passions are and what it takes to honor your true and authentic self.  What does it take to align with that field of energy and the frequencies that are yours, if you are out of sync because you are living someone else’s idea of living?  Who are you really??

Aquarius is all about ideas, ideals, identity, independence and radical change.  It’s also about marching to the beat of your own drum.  Each of us deserves to do that, regardless of what anyone else wants you to do.  Yes, you might stir up the pot, and it might be scary!!  That is where loving yourself is really important, because in loving you, you create the only support team that you really need.

I repeat from above:  I do believe that we are all here to find our passion and to live it. I also believe that when we take that on that we should be mindful of who, what and how we are impacting everyone connected to us.

I am not asking or suggesting that you completely ignore the protests of those who love you. I am suggesting that you take a stand and let them know that because you care about you, there is something that you need to do!  We do not ever want the important peeps in our life to think that we don’t care what they think, however they may need to hear that what they think has to align with what you think too.  That you are also important and that you are here to be YOU!!  Trust me, once you are truly resonating with the energy of your true you, they will benefit from the shift that happens. 

Regardless of whether you are following the program now or not, I invite you to consider how you are living, and whether it is your life that you are living!

This is what is happening everywhere right now, out on the streets, at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, in Ottawa……and coming soon to a neighborhood near you!  Peeps everywhere who are passionate about how we have all been living for the past 2 years and who are looking for change.  They are taking their stand.

What are you going to do?  You may need to turn the other cheek to anyone who poo poos your beliefs. You may need to stir the pot, live with some drama and even piss someone off. At the end of the day, being true to you is just a great way to keep on loving YOU!




Many many years ago when I was about 8, if someone asked me what I was going to  be when I grew up, I would say quite emphatically and without hesitation that I was going to be a movie star!!  WOWZA!  I just really can’t see me lasting too long at a gig like that, but my child heart and soul had that vision 🙂

I love when kids talk about their dreams because they share anything and everything, and they believe it will happen.  So what happened to us?  Personally I have experienced many downer days, weeks and months where I always kept asking myself what in the hell I was doing wrong, but definitely not anymore!  While I am not planning to become a movie star anytime soon, I do have a crystal clear vision of what I do want, and now I fully expect it to happen.

This is what we want to consider with the new moon in Aquarius.   To learn to expect that anything can happen!

Throughout this month I am going to share ideas and concepts around your personal energy and how you can shift it to align and resonate with the energy of your wishes, goals and dreams.  My last two videos are a start in that direction, so I invite you to take a few moments and check those out, if you have not already.

With the new moon on Tuesday, we are now back into the waxing phase where we want to align our energies with the increasing light of the moon. If you have anything in particular that you need to focus on this month as part of your annual plan, then take some time to jot those things down in your journal or on your calendar.  Now is the time to set the intentions for everything that you want (and expect) to happen this month, regardless of whether it is related to your annual plan or these are things that you just want to happen.  Remember that the timing of our wishes needs to be handed over to the Universe.  We can only create the intentions and the focus, and then we have to allow the Universe to deliver.

A quick summary of where we are now in terms of working with the moon phases:

  • review your annual plan and determine whether or not you need to do some tweaking at this point – now is the best time to make adjustments and attune to any energy shifts that need to happen
  • now is the time to explore radical ideas (very Aquarian)
  • set your intentions for this month – those related to your annual plan and those that are not
  • Aquarius is all about our identity, our independence, our unique self and our freedom to be – I invite you to consider these things when you create your intentions 
  • as mentioned in my new moon video, Aquarius is a sign of creativity so I invite you to create something that represents your vision** and make sure you have fun with it!
  • now is the time to begin to consider flexibility and how it affects your achievements***
  • now is the time to be mindful of your personal energy and tune into how your feelings and perceptions are affecting your will and your motivation
  • continue to do the things that you need to do for you, enhancing your individuality and your love for your unique and beautiful self

** I invite you to discover or engage with your inner artist and perhaps create a vision board of your goals and intentions related to how you see yourself in a year from now OR for this month; alternatively, try something more abstract and use colour to express what your vision is or shapes and words. The piece that I did is not a true vision of myself or how I see myself in a year, but it contains symbols of what I am expecting to achieve and is tied to the energy that I am investing and aligning with in order to attract what I want.   The energy that you are creating and attracting with this exercise is very significant, and supersedes the visual appeal of the end result.

***  as you progress through the different moon phases and develop an increased awareness of your personal energies – and as you begin to realize how the frequency of your unique energetic vibrations are aligning and resonating with your circumstances then you also need to be open to the experiences and opportunities that you are drawing into your life.  Your perception of flexibility is going to be as individual as you are and now is the time to really tune into what that means to you.  Developing your sense of intuition and knowing how to be open to signs is key in this respect, as well as understanding that you may be invited to connect with something that does not seem even remotely connected to your aspirations AND that you may need to consider accepting that invitation anyway. 

The Universe delivers in some interesting ways!!

Have you seen the new onions that are being grown now that are “No Tears” onions?  They are called Sunions!!

It seems like there is a solution for everything, doesn’t it??  Never-the-less, many solutions are a compromise – where something gets compromised all in an effort to avoid some discomfort. That is something that humans have been excelling at for a very long time and of course it is considered a survival skill.  However gone are the days where we share a place on the food chain of the wild and the woolly.  We still have survival instincts, however we have a tendency to create the dramas that allow us to use them.

So it is now apparent that crying when we cut an onion can no longer be tolerated by some, or many.  Not sure what the market is for them, however I have to say that seeing that they actually exist was not a big  surprise to me! Now I am not saying this to make a statement or a judgement about the product. If a product sells, then there must be a need for it, and kudos to the person who is making a living doing so.

For me the interest lies in the fact that we often miss out on some of life’s pleasantries when we decide that we want to sacrifice something for the sake of being comfortable. In the case of the Sunion, the producer admitted that the flavour is not the same as the good old fashioned, sinus cleansing, get out your Kleenexes, clear your nostrils cooking onion.  Personally I’ll put up with the tears when the choice leaves me to compromise flavour in my food, because I LOVE eating!!!  It’s important to me, but perhaps not so important to you.

That we are all different is always significant and often needs to be accepted with more grace than what we can muster.  That we all have our own ideas and perceptions on what is and what is not comfortable is also of significance. I can bet that each of us has had something happen in our lives that created such a level of discomfort that it continues to affect us in different ways.  Take a moment to consider the last time you were not comfortable with something and then try to determine why.  In many  cases the source lies deep with-in our sub-conscious and without our knowing, goes on to influence our feelings and how we react to situations.

If you have been following my posts and videos throughout January, you may be familiar with the fact that Saturn is the planet of discipline, limitations and challenge.  So I have a feeling that Saturn was not on the committee that came up with the idea of Sunions!  Saturn is all about karma and the fact that we get what we give.  Sometimes what we give is a sacrifice and that might be the sacrifice of something that has become comfortable.

Does this resonate with you?  It certainly does with me – in my past. Now I am hoping that the lessons I have learned and the rewards that I reaped (karma) will always stay close to my heart.  When I am making choices in my life, I have learned that sometimes the difficult ones will be well worth the experience. 

I know that I have been chewing on this quite a bit lately, and there is a great reason for that   When we are able to acquire the courage and the strength to face discomfort in our life in order to create something for ourselves that enhances life for us, then we are showing ourselves respect and love.  We are loving ourselves!  And in that love, everything we desire can become a possibility.

At this time of year so many people give up on the intentions and the resolutions that they set at the beginning of the year.  They give up on themselves because it is difficult to create new habits and there is usually not a lot of fun in discomfort.  If you are feeling that way, then I urge you to take a pause but DO NOT give up.

We are now in the new moon phase of Aquarius and we are now on the brink of discovering how we can shift our energy to align with that beautiful person inside each of us.  That beautiful you is full of courage, strength and love AND wants you to succeed.  That beautiful you is the only person who can make your wishes come true.

So stick with me – better yet, stick with you and lets not sacrifice anything just to be comfortable.  Lets keep on going, marching like warriors and lets face all of the limitations and the challenges with everything we’ve got so that in a year from now, you have found that you already are everything that you want to be.  You just need to discover the self-respect and the self-love that will reveal that you to YOU!!

Let’s cut some old fashioned cooking onions together!!  xxoo

I’ve been thinking that the Capricorn mountain that we are all climbing might be easier if we change our shoes.  Perhaps that can be said about all things.

That Capricorn mountain is so many different things for so many different peeps and the trek itself might be bumpy, cold, long, dreary, frustrating, heartbreaking, difficult, scary OR it might be thrilling, exciting, surprising, breathtaking, smooth sailing and the best adventure ever.  How will you know when you start?   Chances are that at least half of the time, you won’t.   Sometimes we think we know what to expect but we get something completely different.

The Capricorn trek happens all through our lives, whenever we are ready to step up to a challenge, or NOT!  It may happen anyway.  Sometimes we ignore an invitation to walk a different path, try something different, change things up or let things go and sometimes our ignorance gets the better of us.  That invitation could be the Universe’s way of saying that you are at a crossroads, and life is going to change for you now, whether you like it or not.

Been there and done that – or had it done to me is a better way of putting it.  Being on the receiving end of that slam dunk is like going swimming in the winter. I’ve seen quite a few peeps doing that in the past couple of weeks on TV, and I personally think they are crazy!  But that’s just me (and man I really hope that I never get invited to do that!!)  But they seem to know what they are doing, and oddly enough they go back for more.

How about you?  Are you on a Capricorn trek these days?  Are you feeling pulled to be or have something new?  Perhaps you have been following along here and you have created the plan and the vision for something new in your life and all is going well.  I really hope so!!  It’s great when things work out that way, but sometimes they work out even better if we allow ourselves to struggle with the process.  Sometimes the end result is way more than we expected if we surrender to the challenges of the mountain trek and we lose ourselves in the experience of something difficult but very rewarding. 

On Sunday I was out playing in the snow and I found a trail that invited me to check it out, but with the snow that we’ve had lately, my hiking boots were not going to be high enough. So I set out down the trail on my snow shoes.  What could have been a very deep and cold walk for my tootsies, turned out to be a fun hike on a trail I had never seen.  Out on beautiful sunny day to boot 🙂

Being out on the trail, I realized that I was fortunate to have the right “shoes” for that trek.  Many times when we are faced with a challenge, or experiencing something difficult, it might be time to consider our shoes.  I don’t know about you but when I know that I have the right shoes on for whatever I am doing, then my feet feel good and they carry me wherever I need or want to go.  In many ways, our feet are our connection to the earth and the earth connection is what helps to ground us, which in turn creates stability and security.  I know myself that on any path that I choose to travel on, stability and security are so important in lending support to whatever I do.

When we don’t take the time to consider how stable we are feeling or what resources we have to contribute to our pursuits, then we may be taking on more than we can handle. Sometimes the timing is not right, or we may be trying something that is going to guide us away from our true self (and who we are) instead of allowing us to make a connection to our unique and authentic energy.  If you have set some goals for yourself and you find the road to achievement is becoming daunting, then it might be time to put everything on pause and to reflect on your process. It may be that you need to change your shoes.  It may be that you are more fragile than you think you are and you need to pursue something different.  Let your instincts guide you.

This is the time of year when all of the inspirations and aspirations, that became the intentions for the new year, begin to waver. The energy they held in the beginning is dissipating and plans for change start to lose their momentum.  It happens and that is reality.  Reality is with us every day to send a message, asking you to re-consider, inviting you to consider a new perspective, and always to show us that there is a better way. 

The moon is waning now and moving from last quarter light to crescent. This is the time to pause, take time to rest, take time to consider, take time for you.  In the break before the next new moon, become friends with the quiet and the darkness that comes with the waning light of the moon. It is a special time to withdraw and get to know yourself better – and to develop an understanding of your unique energy. Become aware of your feelings of stability, security and your grounded-ness.

If you are feeling satisfied with your progress through your trip through Capricorn, I give you a high five!!!  If you are feeling dissatisfied then allow yourself to fall in flow with the phases of the moon.  In this time before the next new moon, face your reality and give some thought to trying a new or a different pair of shoes!!