Here we are,  past the waning last quarter moon phase as darkness imposes upon the light and the crescent becomes a sliver of silver once more.   New moon in Aquarius seems so long ago!  What, if anything, were you able to make of it?

I was reminded once again through these few weeks of how the winter days in February can hold us captive and play upon our thoughts. It is in the short days of winter where we can catch a glimpse of the limitations of Saturn,  as thoughts become wishes for warmer days ahead.  Have you ever noticed how a 10 degree, sunny day in February can create a completely different outlook than a 10 degree, sunny day in October?   10 degrees in February seems to create a lot more joy, and yet it is the same day as it was in October 🙂

That is how our thoughts work to create our own personal attitudes and beliefs.  Each of us has a different appreciation for fall days and winter days and each of us enjoys the freedom to discover what any one of those days might hold in store for us.  This can hold true for every day if we are able to be present and aware of the subtle energy and rhythm of life. 

The planet Uranus resonates with our experience of individuality, identity, independence and taking a stand to be our true authentic energy.  There was no shortage of that this February with a trucker’s convoy, protesting and what turned out to be named the occupation!  Definitely a Uranus energy shift – and Uranus rules Aquarius.   Each of us will have our own ideas of the events that played out this month and what effect it may have on us, as well as our own communities.  

As with any month, we follow the moon phases and watch the changing shape and light of the moon, while our lives continue to play out, moment by moment.  The Aquarian lunarhythms invite us to consider our own place in the cosmos and to share our unique self.  Are you comfortable with your own amazing truth and do you live from your lunar (heart) centre, or are you hesitant to show up just the way you are?

I can recall many times when I found it easier to follow the lead of someone else because I really wasn’t sure what I believed or how to take a stand for my ideals.  I went along with whatever strong external emotional pull was happening at work and at home.  I felt intimidated to say what I was thinking and to share my ideas.  Why? Because I lacked the confidence to do so.  Until I realized that I have the same rights and freedoms as everyone else to be what I believe and enjoy what and who I am.  I feel like I may have missed out on some opportunities however the experience of learning how to value myself and to discover the unique and wonderful  me has been worth the discomfort that I struggled through to get to here.

That is the call of Aquarius in a nutshell.  Finding your path to the freedom that allows you to be you and recognizing that each of us has the right to discover our own truth, is the heart of the new moon in Aquarius.  It’s another step on this trek to loving yourself! 


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