With the moon waxing and moving from half moon phase to full moon phase, the light increases with each passing hour.  With the Canadian winter weather we’ve had this week, we really have no  idea what the moon is doing, however you can rest assured that is what is happening up in the sky.

We are well past the new moon in Aquarius, however the past two weeks have been an ongoing feature of an Aquarian drama.  Protests that have led to Occupation are the story of every hour on the news, and continues on.  I find it interesting that this situation has coincided with progression through the sign of Aquarius AND that Mars is currently hanging out in Aquarius as well!!

Mars the warrior and Uranus the rebel (ruler of Aquarius) are surely serving up a shit show like no other, these days! These are interesting times to say the least.

While I am not here to take a side, or to cast any type of judgement, I do feel sympathetic toward all of those who are experiencing loss of any kind as this drama unfolds.  One of the difficulties of being human is that there is so much in life that we are not able to control. I do believe that we are all here to find our passion and to live it. I also believe that when we take that on that we should be mindful of who, what and how we are impacting everyone connected to us.  AND we are all connected.  I think that might be evident in the current events.

Helping you to create a new you is what my passion is, through sharing ideas of how loving yourself is the best way to start that endeavor and the best way to pursue it, as well as the best way to achieve success. Loving you should always be a part of your agenda.  So you might say that my passion is fairly passive.  Then again, anyone of you who have taken an interest and are making changes in your life that are aligned with self-respect and honoring YOU, may find that you are now facing your own kind of drama.

Often when we set about to change something or ourselves, we find that this involves a different perspective, a change in routine and creating new and healthier habits. These changes may be disruptive to those who you share life with, and they may not be as supportive as you wish them to be. But does that mean that you should refrain from being your authentic self and living your life that aligns with your truth?  Does that mean that you should NOT express your feelings about what you are passionate about?

Since I have embarked on my mission to create and share my Lunarhythms program, I would bet without any hesitation that there are peeps out there who might claim that I might be a bit out there, that I need to get real or perhaps there are some who think that I am wacked, all because I believe that learning about the phases of the moon as it moves through the zodiac is an exceptional and interesting way to learn more about self-care and truly loving yourself.  So be it!!  Once I discovered how amazing my life can be just by honoring my truth and who I am, my life has been pretty awesome! So why wouldn’t I want to share those ideas with all of you?  The things I have learned about myself, as well as others, through this program has shifted my energy to a place of balance and harmony.  I feel pretty awesome every day!  I am sharing this with you because I want you to feel pretty awesome every day too.

What I am getting at here – yes, I am finally getting to my point   – is that as we move through the sign of Aquarius, and with only one week and one day before we journey past it, I invite you to consider what your passions are and what it takes to honor your true and authentic self.  What does it take to align with that field of energy and the frequencies that are yours, if you are out of sync because you are living someone else’s idea of living?  Who are you really??

Aquarius is all about ideas, ideals, identity, independence and radical change.  It’s also about marching to the beat of your own drum.  Each of us deserves to do that, regardless of what anyone else wants you to do.  Yes, you might stir up the pot, and it might be scary!!  That is where loving yourself is really important, because in loving you, you create the only support team that you really need.

I repeat from above:  I do believe that we are all here to find our passion and to live it. I also believe that when we take that on that we should be mindful of who, what and how we are impacting everyone connected to us.

I am not asking or suggesting that you completely ignore the protests of those who love you. I am suggesting that you take a stand and let them know that because you care about you, there is something that you need to do!  We do not ever want the important peeps in our life to think that we don’t care what they think, however they may need to hear that what they think has to align with what you think too.  That you are also important and that you are here to be YOU!!  Trust me, once you are truly resonating with the energy of your true you, they will benefit from the shift that happens. 

Regardless of whether you are following the program now or not, I invite you to consider how you are living, and whether it is your life that you are living!

This is what is happening everywhere right now, out on the streets, at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, in Ottawa……and coming soon to a neighborhood near you!  Peeps everywhere who are passionate about how we have all been living for the past 2 years and who are looking for change.  They are taking their stand.

What are you going to do?  You may need to turn the other cheek to anyone who poo poos your beliefs. You may need to stir the pot, live with some drama and even piss someone off. At the end of the day, being true to you is just a great way to keep on loving YOU!




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