We have come to a time where at least half of us are experiencing fear and anxiety, wondering what the future holds in these unstable times.  This is doing time. Any type of ongoing discomfort that you are unable to reconcile in your mind is doing time. Doing time holds you back from living the life you are meant to. Doing time holds back the love that you are meant to be.

This time of year can make things even more difficult.  Everyone has different experiences and different expectations of what the month of December should be. 

It should NOT be an experience of doing time. It should not be an exercise in discomfort on the physical, emotional and/or social front. Right now we are being bombarded for hours every day of what we need to do to make the season of the holidays perfect for everyone.  Please understand that these are media messages intended toward profit.  Media messages are created to lead you to the belief that they have the key to the things in your life that you are missing. That they have the products, experiences and ideas that will end your doing time.  

This is where loving yourself is key!!  Loving and appreciating yourself helps you to know that whatever their claims are and whatever they are selling is not what you need at all. All you need is love and it start with loving you.  Have you tried that yet?

You may be asking the question “How does loving myself help me to create what I need to survive today, the next week, the next month and the ongoing future?” Love is what helps us to understand what is real and that the connections that we create and endure through love is what living is really about.

You are deserving of so much and you are deserving of what is real. Of a life that is filled with love.  The love of peace, joy and the happiness that gives you the strength to understand and endure the unknown. It is this love that can be our experience of life every day.  It is this love that can be our experience of December!

Starting now, tune out the messages that lead to doing time.  Tune into Love and loving YOU!

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