The element of Chakra 2 is water.  Water is moving and flowing. It can be still and peaceful, wild and raging, crystal clear or dark and murky. In connecting streams, rivers and oceans it unites and it responds to the gravity of the moon with low and high tides. Water cleanses and water calms.

Do you see a correlation between water and emotions? 


Energy in motion (e-motion) is prompted by how we are feeling.  We can feel sad and it reveals itself in our grief.  We can feel fear and it reveals itself in our avoidance and contraction as we withdraw.  We can feel anger and it reveals itself in our vengeance and our outbursts. Strong currents of emotion trigger our “fight or flight” response, an automatic reaction to an event or circumstances that we perceive to be threatening.

Of course there are the heightened sensations of happiness and joy that inspire us and are the root of the experience of high energy, higher vibrations and enjoyment.  

Water is also magnetic.  What happens when our feelings are actually a result of the influence of the energy of others?  Do you easily get caught up in the moods and feelings of others as their energy expands and flows out, disregarding boundaries ? Sort of like when the river floods.  Or, are you able to hold your own and simply observe the story or drama that might be a result of their (inner) desire to lure you in as a co-star?

If we are not strong enough to enforce our own boundaries, then we might possibly spend many days of our lives powered by the energies of others without a true perception of our own authentic feelings.  Our re-actions to things may actually be motivated by how we think we should re-act based on the ideas and energy of those others, never really understanding how their energy alters our personal field of energy.

This is not to say that we should deny,  judge or disregard how other people are genuinely feeling, and it is a wonderful gift when we are able to support those who need it when their personal experience is undesirable.  How much do we appreciate recognition from others when we ourselves are feeling down and we find ourselves doing time?

It takes a lot of strength to honor your own energy and to create boundaries  if you are continually subjected to the demanding and/or inflexible energy of others.  How would you gauge the energy of your immediate environment within your home or where you work?  This is where we spend most of our time and it is sometimes surprising how any existing low vibration energy in these settings can impact us.

When we feel our energy being manipulated or drained by someone it can be easy to feel frustrated with them.  However that frustration is only going to intensify the type of negative vibrations that resonate with a lower level of consciousness and it can suck us into a spiral that can continue to drag us down if we allow it.

Realizing that emotions are energy and that they are not long lasting helps us to get a better perspective on these situations.  It also helps us to understand and identify that we all need to be responsible for our own feelings and that we may also need to seek resolution within ourselves when we are triggered by others.

It feels good to care and whenever we can approach a situation from a place of contentment and harmony, we radiate a vibration that is comforting to those around us.  We’ve all been around someone who knows how to bring levity to any situation and it seems like they are never thrown off of their game.  

What is their secret?  It is love. It’s about compassion and empathy and sharing heartfelt energy.  It’s a higher vibration and it’s a healing vibration. It comes from strength that has been acquired through doing time and developing an understanding of how the difficult emotions present us with opportunities to grow.  Difficult times present us with a chance to struggle and to see what we are made of as we find a way to experience our feelings and to live with the emotions – the energy that needs to move. When we can come to terms with the what, how and why of that energy, then we can release it. It is in that release that we lift our vibrations.

The strength it takes to deflect those currents of energy and to live from the vibrations that we naturally resonate with can sometimes be difficult to muster. It can depend on the amount of confidence that we have in ourselves and the confidence we have in knowing that who we are is enough.  

Having confidence and being comfortable with our own feelings and our right to feel. 

What is the source of this strength?  Love!  Loving you.  

Loving you is the highest vibration and and it’s a healing vibration. Not just for you, but for everyone.

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